Monday, January 21, 2013

Day 2

Had a nice walk with Mark around the neighbourhood. The houses are not the typical suburban cookie cutter houses, and have so much character.

Went to an award-winning deep dish pizza place, Zachary's, for lunch with Mark's momand aunt, and we had 3 small pizzas and 2 salads to share. Could barely finish half of it!

Browsed at a bookshop next door but did not get to buy anything as we had to take my sister for her appointment with the acupuncturist. While waiting, Mark and I went to pick up my local sim card and grabbed a coffee at Peet's coffee.

Headed to Costco after, and it's scary how huge portions are. 4l bottles of wine. Blocks of cheese and butter larger than bricks. Oh my.

Picked up some stuffand headed to Tommy and Tina's place to have dinner with their friends. It was brilliant, great food and great company.

Woke up this morning to catch a beautiful sunrise. Gotta love the view from the house.

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