Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Happy Moments of the Day

Had a random chat with ACG yesterday.

ACG: So how was dinner?
me: Last night?
ACG: No, three years six months and two days ago. Of course last night la..

Lol. Anyway, that got me thinking. How have things been for me over the past few years? Couldn't remember much, so I re-read some old blog entries.

One year ago- Jan 2012
Feeling blessed to have the love and support that I do from my family and friends.

Two years ago- Jan 2011
Had just come back from a holiday in Krabi and feeling hopeful about the year ahead.

Three years ago- Jan 2010
Discovered Skype and would use that to chat.

Four years ago- Jan 2009
Settling into work and waiting for the divorce to be settled.

Five years ago- Jan 2008
Few months into my marriage and getting used to living with the in-laws.

Six years ago- Jan 2007
Just came back from a holiday in the Philippines, engaged.

Wow. So much has changed since then! I'd dig even further back, but feeling lazy. Hehe.

One of the things I did in 2009, were daily entries where I penned down my happy moments of the day. And it was a great reminder to be thankful for the little things. So here are my thankful moments of 15012013:

- Catching up with Rodney and Jeanne for dinner. Yummy Japanese food at Irodori Japanese Restaurant at Riverview Hotel at only $35++

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