Wednesday, November 5, 2008

While The World Celebrates Obama's Victory..

LGG and I were celebrating our own little success in the kitchen. We have finally made the spiced cornflakes!!! Not only have we tried out the original recipe, we have also improvised and used some of the Montreal Chicken Spiced Herbs (MCSH) mix that I found in my pantry. YAAAAY!!!

For those who have somehow been lucky enough to avoid hearing me gush and obsess over these spiced cornflakes, here's the story.

Couple of months ago, LGG's friend let her try these spiced cornflakes. It was made using a spice mix of ground cumin, ground coriander, chili powder and salt mixed with some oil coated cornflakes. Simple and delicious.

I remember not being very impressed, and thinking, "How delicious can spiced cornflakes be?"

Anyway, fast forward to last week when we went to watch Tropic Thunder and I finally had a taste of those famous spiced cornflakes. Suddenly, I understood what she had been going on and on and on about. Those spiced cornflakes were DELICIOUS!

I've been obsessing about them for days and finally, we have recreated them ourselves! Instead of using chili powder, we used extra hot cayenne pepper in the original recipe and the final outcome came out spicier than the original (but still very yummy). The MCSH mix was also very tasty- a good mix of salty and slightly citrus-y flavour.

So pleased! Anyway I'd update more, but talking about them is making me drool and I think I'm going to make some more. *slurp*

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