Thursday, November 20, 2008

Loot = Love

It's been a good day today. Was rather productive and made several appointments, and managed to catch up with some of my girlfriends.

Sharon called me last night and we decided to have lunch today, since I was going to be near her workplace. She bought lunch as a belated birthday celebration and we had a nice time just catching up. Unfortunately we didn't have as much time as we would have if we met for dinner, and she had to rush back to work when her lunch hour was up.

Had coffee with Cheryl who brought along the peri peri sauce that she brought back from KL for me. The poor girl actually forgot to bring it with her, but rushed back home to grab it since she knew I've been anticipating getting the sauce from her for the longest time. Had more time to spend with her, and we had a nice latte and chatted for a couple of hours.

Then I had dinner with Wenzz, who brought me Ghirardelli chocolates from the States. And the timing was perfect too- I had already run out of chocolates at home. Hehehe. We had dinner at this Japanese place in Plaza Singapura (can't remember the name) then coffee at TCC after. *stuffed*

Got back home feeling really full, but really pleased. Chocolates and peri peri sauce make me a happy bunny!

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Wenzzz said...

It's called Ichiban Sushi....hehe...