Tuesday, November 18, 2008

My New Career As A Babysitter

My aunt has been bringing my niece (her grand-daughter) over since it's the school holidays and it's kind of fallen on my plate to entertain the girl and help with her tuition assignments.

I don't really mind, Jean's a really smart kid and quite fun to be around. Yesterday, my aunt suggested that I bring her to the movies.

Decided on Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa because there was no way I was going to sit through a bunch of singing, dancing kids in High School Musical 3. Yes, singing and dancing animals are fine.

The movie was alright, I had a bit of a sore neck at the end because we were seated really close to the front, but I think Jean enjoyed herself tremendously. Plus she was kept warm thanks to my shawl, which the ungracious child called a rag. Hmph.

Walked around Plaza Singapura for a bit, and had fun at Spotlight trying on various hats and boas and silly costumes. Took quite a fair bit of photos as well, but I'm too lazy to resize them and post them up. Lol.

Headed back home and the poor girl napped on the way back. That's what you get for missing your daily afternoon nap to go watch movies and try on silly hats. But we had a good time, and I think I didn't do too badly as a babysitter.


Ele said...

hey...you should have watch HSM. personally speaking, it's better than magadascar.

simply me said...

hidden potential bon! xoxo, shan

bunnygoeszen said...

Ele: Really? I didn't really like Madagascar (I thought the first one was better).. but singing, dancing kids? Erm. Lol.

Shan: Yeah, and the KPIs are so easy to deliver. Just make sure the kid comes back home alive.