Sunday, November 2, 2008

More Random Updates

Went to Seletar Reservoir with Peggy for a walk a couple of days ago. We were chatting in the morning and decided in a spur of the moment to go out in the afternoon and do healthy activities. I used to go to such places (reservoirs, parks) quite regularly last time, but I guess it's hard to keep heading out there if you don't have someone to accompany you.

The environment around Seletar Reservoir is very peaceful and beautiful- I guess all large bodies of waters are. We just strolled along chatting, while other people jogged by us. It wasn't very crowded though, just a handful of people working out. About 10 in all?

After that we went to the nearby driving range to "practise". Peggy's got her golf clubs in the boot of her car, so she lugged them out, bought tokens for the golf balls and found a secluded corner in the driving range to hit 'em balls.

She let me try my hand at it, showing me how to hold the golf club and the right way to swing, and I must say I'm not too bad! Of course, my posture and everything else is probably wrong, and I only hit a couple of balls. Who knows, any more and I could have injured myself.

Had a good time though, so I sort of vaguely agreed that once I start working again, I *might* pick up golf. Well, we'll see about that. I have lots of plans that I want to embark on when I start working again. Hehehe.


Had lunch with Alfred on Friday. He'd just come back from a work trip in Abu Dhabi and we'd been meaning to meet up for yonks so I could claim my birthday lunch. Went to Marche's at Vivocity and was walking around after and since we didn't really know what to do, we decided to hop on the Sentosa Express and go to Sentosa. After all, it was only $3 to enter!

Was walking around Sentosa for barely 15 minutes (in the hot, hot sun) and I could feel the skin on my face burn. Hurriedly made my way to the Island Shop and bought me a tube of overpriced, but much needed, sunblock. Lathered it on and continued on our way.

Stuff we did while at Sentosa: Get burnt (me only), eat ice cream, pretend to be Swedish and ask for directions in what we think is a Swedish accent (yaaa?), took a ride on the new CineBlast, watched a 4D movie thing (really touristy hor), went to the fish spa to let the dead skin on our feet get nibbled off by hundreds of hungry fish.

The fish spa was a really interesting experience. As you place your feet in, the little fishes SWARM towards you and start nibbling. The sensation was so ticklish, we couldn't stop giggling. After 20 minutes of being fish food, we had a 20 minute foot massage and another 10 minute head and shoulder massage. All for $52- not the cheapest massage in town, but not too unreasonably priced either.

Eventually we decided to get the Sentosa Islander pass- you pay $19.50 and get unlimited free entry to Sentosa, as well as a whole host of other benefits (mainly discounts on entrance fees to attractions) for an entire year. All I need to do is go 7 times and I've more than made up the cost!


Also met up with Elena who had some news she wanted to share with me. Popped over her place after she got off work and did some catching up and also to see her baby. Baby Eva is so big now!

Anyway, the news she had to tell me wasn't exactly very good. Things aren't exactly peachy and there isn't much I could do. All I can do is hope that things work out in the end.


Just came back from watching Tropic Thunder with LGG and some of the girls. It really felt like a secondary school outing because there were 7 of us! Tropic Thunder is hilarious and I enjoyed it a lot more than I thought I would. Plus, I finally got to taste some of the famous spiced cornflakes that LGG had been raving about for the past few months. Good stuff!

Few of us hung out for coffee at Coffee Club after. Chatted about everything under the sun (ok, not really, but more about stuff like traveling and food- yummm) and by the time they cleared our cups and gave us the bill, it was already almost 1.30am! It's been SUCH a long time since I've been out at night, let alone past midnight. Hehehehe.

Managed to get a ride back, but not before bungling my directions and having to circle Compass Point till I could recognise my block. Man, I really need to learn how to give directions to get home. Lol.


Anyway, it's 3.30am and I'm pooped. Time to go to bed.

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