Friday, December 19, 2008

An Awesome Week

I must say that this has been a great week.

Watched Twilight with Yummy on Tuesday and I must say now I understand why she was gushing on and on about the show. Yes, LGG may mock us but 1. I want a vampire lover 2. I want a 'vegetarian' vampire family to accept me as one of their own and protect me from the evil vampires. Hehe.

Met Ki on Wednesday and watched Twilight again. It's been yonks since we last met, but some things just don't change. Don't know what it is about watching movies with her, but we always end up in giggling fits. Or rather, this time we were hur hur hur-ing away.

Grabbed a drink at TCC and chatted for the rest of the evening. Having read all of the books, she was able to fill in some of the gaps which made me understand certain bits of the movie better.

Then I had dinner with Paul today and the last time we met was, ironically, at my wedding. Lucky he didn't demand his ang pao back. Lol. Had a really insightful chat about relationships and marriage.

One of the best things about meeting friends who have known you from your school days is that they know the real you. The person not yet jaded by life's disappointments. The person who is filled with ambition and hope for the future.

Have a BBQ tomorrow with the Planet Zork alumni. Yaay! Better go to bed then.

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Ki said...

You know, I wonder about that. You're pretty much the only "movie-partner" that I end up in giggling fits with.

But yes, glad that we could meet up before the year is out. Maybe we could have dinner in January and get our annual get-together out of the way. ;)