Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!


Man, I'm stuffed. We had a gatherng at our place last night, and I ate so much. We didn't really have the typical Christmas dishes one would expect, but my mom made lasagne (always a winner), meatloaf (something she used to make a long long time ago) and the cousins brought roast duck and meats. There was also macaroni salad and lots of chocolate. Yummy.

My sis had bought the DVD for The Nightmare Before Christmas and we watched that last night, while everyone huddled together on the couch. It was such a cold night and it was the perfect weather for lazing in and watching TV. The family proved ourselves to be dysfunctional once again, when we actually educated my 9yo niece on the difference between wines and beers (and yes, we let her have a small glass).

No plans for today. Was supposed to go to a friend's place for Christmas lunch but by the time I finally woke up it was already 1.45pm so I stayed home and had leftovers. Downloaded the Twilight ebook and spent the last couple of hours reading it. Think I'll get back to reading hehe.

Anyway, Merry Christmas!

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