Thursday, December 11, 2008

Bunny's Tip Of The Day

I wore a new pair of closed toe heels yesterday and was so worried that my feet would end up dotted with blisters by the end of the day. To do my best to prevent that from happening, I called upon the collective wisdom of all my heel-wearing girlfriends, my mom and the internet and came up with a plan of attack.
1. Wax the inside of the shoe. Mom grabbed a candle and one of my new shoes and rubbed the candle along the edge of the shoes (the parts which are most likely to cause blisters). I guess the general idea is to smoothen out any rough areas and reduce friction between the shoe and the delicate skin of your feet.
2. Break the shoe in at home. Put on my shoes the day before and pranced about the house in them. Ok, actually I just wore the heels and sat on the couch watching TV but I was curling my feet in an attempt to simulate walking so that the shoe would stretch some.
3. Use an anti blister stick. They're a tad pricy though, I think $12 for a small tube that will probably last the week. What you do is rub the anti blister stick on your feet (not on the shoes!) on the places that you think you might get a blister. It supposedly moisturises your feet as it protects, creating a layer in between the feet and the shoes to reduce friction. Of course, I had to reapply it a couple of times throughout the day as it begins to wear out.
The verdict? Number of blisters at the end of the day: half. I spotted one almost forming and managed to avoid making it "full blown" by slapping on more anti blister. Unfortunately, the wide feet were so unused to being in cramped closed toe shoes and walking around for hours didn't help much.
There were other suggestions on how to prevent having blisters, such as using a plaster on places you think you're going to get a blaster and also using some of those gel sticker things on your shoe. At the end of the day, all you want to do is reduce the amount of friction between the shoe and your feet and the chances of getting a blister will diminish.


Ele said...

i avoid closed toe heels as much as possible ;)

bunnygoeszen said...

Read my newer blog entry.

Wenzzz said...

I used to not wear close toe shoes too..but I guess is to find the brand that really fits your feet...I do managed to find a pointy close toe shoe and there is no blister. For the 1st few times you wear them, ur toe areas will be quite sore. Then get those wider front one?

Another way to deal with it is to wear stocking. If you wear pants, then you can wear the short stocking, not the whole leg works.. :)

Wenzzz said...

btw, try Marks & Spencer close toe shoes. They are quite good..Scholl and Ecco also not bad..

bunnygoeszen said...

I don't get blisters. My toes are just cramped.