Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Today (Or Rather, Yesterday)

Wah. It's almost 3am and I'm still up. I'm still up because I just got home about half an hour ago. I can't even remember the last time I got home so late!

Anyway, had lunch with the Alligator today. It's been more than 6 months since I met the boy and (babe, if you're reading this, I apologise) he really needs a haircut. Hahaha. I didn't have much time to spend with him but we had a good catch up- cramming 6 months worth of updates into slightly less than an hour.

Went for a jog at the gym for the first time in forever and managed to get a short run in before my silly knee started acting up. I *think* I managed to cover slightly under 3km in about 20min. Not too bad. Was pleasantly surprised to see Tristan working there, had a quick chat before I had to run off to meet Ki.

Note to self: find out how much PT packages are now. Or take the advice of a certain Martian, and learn how to do weight training properly.

Watched Yes Man with Ki, and even though I'm meeting her more than our quota calls for, we managed to enjoy each other's company still. Lol. The movie wasn't too bad, although I must say we've watched funnier Jim Carrey shows before.

Had coffee hot chocolate with her after. Talked about family and friends, holidays, holidays gone wrong, relationships-you name it. I'm glad we're making more effort now to keep in touch (meeting up TWICE in a year! Wow.) and that we're starting to get close again. *hugssssssslovessssssssssmuacksssssssssssss*

Got chased out of Starbucks when it was closing time and was about to head home when I got a call from the Martian. Since I wasn't feeling tired (too much sugar in the system), we met up and headed down to Club Street for a drink. Ah, Club Street. The place which saw many drunken nights of my past.

It was really odd going back to the area, a place that I used to frequent so often. Settled on Indochine and hung out there till the place closed. One of the positive things that has come out of my split is that I'm now meeting more people, making more friends. Today was a perfect example of how much I've missed in the past 3-4 years, especially so in the last 12 months.

Ah well. Better late than never, right?

Was glad to meet so many people today. I'm very pleased. Wallet is a lot lighter now, but I think it's all well worth it. Time to go to bed. 2 more days to the new year!


Ki said...

Shall we meet up again in 2009, thus blowing our quota out of the water?

Just say yes!

Ki said...

And yes, I'm glad too.

Sometimes I don't realise how much I've missed someone until I hang out with them again.

bunnygoeszen said...

YES! and YES!