Sunday, December 28, 2008

Sweat It Out

I've been awfully lazy about working out this past couple of months. Fine. Make it this past couple of years. Hehe.

Wanted to go for a jog but it was raining and I was feeling too lazy to haul my fat ass to the gym. So eventually I settled on a couple of simple exercises that I did at home.

Sit ups, push ups, squats- the usual. Finished up my little workout with some stretching and now I'm waiting to stop perspiring so that I can take a much needed shower.

Feels good to get this creaky body of mine moving though. My sweat glands haven't been used in way too long and now they seem to be on overdrive.

Need to be more disciplined about exercising! I know I say it every year, and each time this is one of my greatest struggles. Pfft.

Oh well. Baby steps, I say. Think I'll pack my gym attire and head on to the gym tomorrow before meeting the Alligator for dinner.


Ki said...

I haven't worked out in ages.

My 2009 resolution, perhaps?

bunnygoeszen said...

Perhaps? Say YES!

Join Fitness First la, then we can work out together.