Saturday, December 6, 2008

Muallaf And The Rediscovery Of The Wonder That Is Carl's Jr Burgers

Went to watch Muallaf at the Picturehouse on Wednesday with LGG and Yummy. You can read the synopsis of the movie here. Cousin.e recommended the movie and while it's not your typical Hollywood blockbuster type of show, it was a very simple and touching story that really made you think about forgiveness.

As the movie was showing at 7.15pm, we didn't have time to go for dinner, so we planned to dabao food and sneak it in the cinema. The original plan was to go to that Turkish place that we used to frequent in our Planet Zork days, but everyone was running late and we settled on burgers from Carl's Jr instead.

We bought some popcorn to conceal the fact that we were going to smuggle food in, but didn't realise that when they said "no food or drinks allowed" they really meant no food or drinks allowed. (We thought they meant no outside food or drinks allowed.) So there we were, standing outside the entrance to the movie area, trying to finish as much popcorn as we could.

Got to our seats, sans popcorn, and waited till the movie started before taking out our hidden stash of food. We had aisle seats and kept on checking that no one was going to come in and find out we had food and throw us out. Lol.

The last time I had a burger from Carl's Jr was probably what, 3 years ago when the chain first came to Singapore. I remember thinking that the burgers were ok, but balked at paying their higher prices. This time, I took my first bite of their portobello mushroom burger and OMG IT WAS SO GOOD. When I finished my burger, Yummy was only halfway done!

We shared their beef chilli cheese fries, and that was also really delicious. In fact, it was so good that I had it again last night when I was out with my sister. Left the cinema feeling really happy, because I enjoyed the show and had a really good (sneaky) dinner.


Ele said...

what!? picturehouse don't allow popcorns in! so un-ethical!

bunnygoeszen said...

Yup, only can bring in mineral water. Tsk.

Ki said...

Then what's the point of having a popcorn stand?

bunnygoeszen said...

Oh, only Picturehouse didn't allow food and drinks. The others allowed.