Thursday, July 23, 2009

Bunny In India

I've been having a ball. Stuff I've done in Bangalore:

- Presentations in schools. This is the primary reason I am here and so far the presentations have been alright. I think I'm getting better at what I do, which is all good.

- Go to the bookshops Crossword and this amazing second hand bookshop Blossoms. Bought 10 books for 1000rs (30SGD?).

- Hung out with Shringar, Sindhoor and Arjun at this place called the Beach. Didn't booze too much because it was a Monday night but it was a fun night with lots of fun and laughter.

- Went to this hole in the wall pub called Pico's which is one of my student's favourite hang out places. Watered down beer and popcorn, but the most amazing chili paneer. Suprised my taste buds didn't burn off.

- Tried the local version of devil's piss- a local rum called Old Monk. Potent stuff. I was giggling after one glass of it.

- Bought a roadside snack called Paan. I like.


I'm now in Mumbai but the weather has been shit. Raining and high flood alerts so all my appointments have been cancelled. Booked myself a flight back to Bangalore for the weekend and we're going to spend a weekend partying and getting drunk. WOOHOO!


Anyway was on my way to the hotel in Mumbai, and I just had a strong sense of deja vu. Maybe I lived here in my past life? Lol.


Vimal said...

nice...glad you're having a good the way..need to send you the invite for my wedding on the had better make!

bunnygoeszen said...

Eh congratulations again, babe! 22nd August? I might not be in town though... Send me the invite anyway, I'll try to change my trip schedule.