Thursday, July 30, 2009

It's A Sign!

My laptop is dead. I can't reboot it and all I get is a message saying
that I don't have an operating system. Sigh.

Good news is, I have an excuse not to work. Lol. Thankfully I've got a
wifi enabled phone, and am able to blog now.

Anyway, Calcutta has been an interesting experience so far. Not as
wild and crazy as Bangalore, but fun in it's own way.

Despite the tummy scare on Monday, I've been eating anything and
everything in sight. Stuff I've eaten in Calcutta so far:

- sweet pastries from a dessert shop called Kookie Jar
- samosas and tea (served in an earthen cup, no less) standing along
the side of a road from a shady roadside shop
- coconut from a roadside seller
- pizza hut at city centre
- dinner at the most expensive Indian restaurant in Calcutta
(Pashawari? At the ITC Hotel). The food was amazing
- chaat, poori, aloo paratha, more samosas and lassi from the food
court at mani mall
- drinks at roxy
- shisha at some place that 18 year old kids hang out at
- chocolate ice cream from a streetside vendor

Slurp. Oh and this does not include the buffet I get every morning at
the hotel.

I'm a happy camper. :)

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1 comment:

Ki said...

Shisha as in hookah? Babe, you don't eat that. Maybe that's what caused the tummy upset.