Friday, July 10, 2009

What Did We Do Today?

Got to meet Thanh's wife and two daughters today. Drove up to Bana and took the world's longest cable car ride up the hill. The view on the way up was absolutely spectacular. Played around with the two girls and took lots of silly photos in silly poses.

Was supposed to go to Monkey Mountain after and go snorkeling at one of the beaches but that didn't quite work out. The motor of the boat that we were on wasn't working, and even if it did, the fella only had one snorkel. Decided to drive back and head to Da Nang beach again.

We were there at about 5ish in the afternoon and the beach was PACKED. Apparently during summer, people get off work at 4.30pm. How fantastic is that?

Got back and arranged for the manicurist to come over to do our nails, and it was so cheap! I think we paid USD2 per person, to have a full set of nail art done for both hands and feet. *grins*

After doing our nails, we had a home cooked meal for dinner- Thanh's wife made a delicious tuna salad, cooked some fish in tomato sauce, steamed prawns and fried chicken. Delicious.

Have to pack my bags now and check in online. Back to Singapore tomorrow.

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