Thursday, November 19, 2009

Blogging On The Go

It's quite convenient to be able to do nonsense stuff like this on the go huh. Lol.

Anyway I'm on my way to work and I'm *so* late. Hehehe.

Had a chat with the young grasshopper last night and he's got me all excited about my trip up. He said that this would be a food trip where he'd bring me to eat all kinds of different cuisine. Yay!

He's also going to visit his parents these couple of days and I asked him to grab a couple of recipes of some of the dishes that I tried at this Bengali restaurant the last time I was there. Hopefully we'll be able to recreate it. How fun!

Also, I asked him to get me cheesecloth. You know, muslin. I'm going to get some (clean) cloth nappies from my colleague today and going to attempt to make paneer with it, but I'm not sure if it'll work. If not, I'll check out the shops but at least I know I'll be able to get the muslin when I'm there. Paneer, here I come!

Lots of people have been asking me why I want to make paneer. Why not? Plus the ingredients are more commonly found than stuff needed to make cheese (rennet) or tofu (calcium sulphate i think).

Anyway woke up this morning aching all over. Went for hot yoga last night and worked muscles that I forgotten even existed. Ouch. But it's a good ache, I guess. Just feel like sleeping in. Hehehe. Nevermind, this time next week I'll probably still be sleeping in a bed in the middle of Bangalore with the young grasshopper by my side.

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