Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Just finished a hot yoga class at the gym. Hmm. I think I'd rather stick with the cardio machines and (trying to remember) doing weights. Maybe body combat class won't be so bad.

Went with Bento Set and both of us were grimacing at each other while attempting to contort our highly inflexible bodies into the various pretzel-like positions. And more grimacing as we were made to hold the pose. *groan*

Class was from 7.45pm-8.45pm and we left the office late and didn't have the time to grab a bite before. The result of all that sweating and stretching and groaning and balancing? I'm sosososo hungry now.

Wanted to get something before heading home but I'm reluctant to spend too much eating out (eyeing that netbook, you know). So now I'm heading home and wondering whether my stomach will start digesting itself in the meanwhile.

Ah well, 2 more days to the weekend! So happy. Hehehe.

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