Friday, November 20, 2009

Random Blabberings

It's Friday!!! *grin* The week has just passed by in a flash and soon the weekend will be here. I've still not done my goal setting and appraisal (ack! It was due last week) so I guess that's what I'll be busy with today.

I had a yoyo of a day yesterday. Had a good start when Joe popped in just before lunch with some cake because he was in the area. Always good to have cheesecake. Lol. Then I had a mee siam for lunch (with 2 limes *slurp*).

Was planning to go to Borders after work, so decided that hey I might as well get a Macbook too. (Yes, don't you love my logic?) My only concern was that they didn't come in red, which the Ki said was easily rectified with the use of skins.

Chatted with Tanu to get an approximation of how much we'd be spending in December so I'd know how to budget my monies and later found out that the place they wanted to stay at Sakleshpur was fully booked.

My mood sunk and I feel feeling a little sulky, even though they were proposing another place to go. (Which I have yet to learn to spell and pronounce lol.) Finally cheered up some when the young grasshopper showed me some pics and Tanu was describing how beautiful the place

Happily bounced out of the office to meet LGG and to Borders. They didn't stock the book I was looking for (argh) so I just went to the Apple shop to make my purchase. Unfortunately, the discount that I was eligible for was only available for online purchases!

*cue dramatic sigh and pouting*

Went to Pete's Place and had a really nice dinner with LGG and Ching. Then headed up to the bar at Mezza9 to have martinis. Chatted for the rest of the evening before heading home.

Managed to catch the young grasshopper online for a bit before he left for Hyderabad. It was nice to chat for abit and then I went to bed.

My body is *still* aching from Wednesday's hot yoga class. I think I really need a massage. One more day to the weekend!

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