Tuesday, November 24, 2009

My To Do List

Tanu's post on the things she dreams about got me thinking. What do I want to accomplish in this lifetime? So here goes, my list. Including the silly stuff.

- travel extensively. Lol ok this is quite vague. Naturally, if I had the opportunity to travel to every country in the world, I would. (Alright, I'll list 'em out.)

- travel to Tibet in 2010. There's something about the Himalayas that just draws us to keep going back. Hopefully, my citizenship application goes through and I'll be able to go next year.

- backpack around Europe, alone. This was supposed to be my grand holiday for 2011, as a birthday present to my 30 year old self. I think everyone should try traveling alone at least once in their life. I've not worked out the logistics for the Europe backpacking trip yet though, and knowing me, it'll probably be largely unplanned.

- see snow. I've never seen snow! But apparently snowflakes aren't as magical as the movies make them out to be. Lol.

- travel to the US. Honestly, the States isn't really a country that I yearn to go. In fact, if it wasn't for the fact that my sister is moving there, it wouldn't even be so high up on the list. Too many other interesting countries to visit.

- travel to some country that ends with -stan or something like that. You know, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan etc. I think it'd be fun.

- eventually travel to Japan (haha and South America and all the other countries I've not been to before)

- make ketchup. I've made mayonnaise, butter, kaya, paneer, and I'm pretty sure a lot more other things from scratch. How hard can it be to make ketchup?

- wear a white wedding dress for my second wedding. Haha well first I'd have to meet someone and want to get married again, but I missed out on the white wedding dress experience the first time round. I think I'll be more involved when it comes to planning my second wedding. Lol.

- ride a horse and gallop across the countryside. Not trotting around in circles or being led by someone across the beach. I want the real deal.

- live on my own. Interestingly, I've never lived on my own before. Need to work out the finances though.

- work and live overseas. It's going to be such an experience to live overseas, to immerse yourself in the culture of another country. This will probably be a hard one for me, seeing how it took me 6 years to apply for my citizenship. How am I going to settle any of the paperwork needed to get the necessary visas and stuff? Lol.

- buy property. At least have a home to call my own.

- pull out a tapioca by it's roots. And if I get the chance, carrots and potatoes too. Lol.

- have a pet snake and a puppy. (Not necessarily at the same time). I've owned quite a number of rather bizarre pets, the weirdest one being a snapping alligator turtle (or was it the Madagascar hissing roaches? Hmm) , and somehow I've always been oddly fascinated by reptiles. And yes, I know a puppy is not a reptile. Lol.

- dive and see 1. a whale shark 2. manta rays 3. mola mola 4. barracuda tornado 5. hammerheads. Actually, I'd just like to pick up diving once again. It's been too long!

- reproduce and have little bonbons. According to Kumar, the leaf reader, I'll have 2 kids. Yay!

Hehehehe I'm sure there are more. Shall think about it and add on if they come to mind. *grin*


Tanu Anand said...

BABE!!!! Totally love the list! :D... I will def want to help you in the white wedding thingi! :P

ooooh..and horse galloping..well u can use mine to gallop ur heart away! :P

bunnygoeszen said...

Thanks babe! :D