Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I Want! I Want! I Want!

Was surfing the net last night and came dangerously close to buying one of those cute tiny laptops online. I don't know whether I should though, everyone tells me I won't like how small the keyboard is and not to complain when I have to squint to see anything on the monitor.

But it's so cute! And so tiny! And so (ok not *so*, but relatively) cheap! And so light! And have I mentioned that it's so cute! Plus it comes in red!

Hmm. I know I should wait till Sitex comes round but if I get it, I'll want to bring it with me on my trip. Then at least I can read ebooks (although I can just go buy a tonne of real books, so cheap in India!) or watch more Scrubs (try and finish all the seasons?). Might need to keep oneself entertained while the young grasshopper does his work.

Aah. Decisions, decisions.

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