Monday, November 16, 2009

Rambling On The Mrt

I'm wearing a pair of closed toe heels that I've not worn in months, and now I'm beginning to remember why. My feet are hurting and I've only walked the distance from my house to the mrt station.

Thankfully I've got a pair of flip flops in the office that I can happily slip my unbound feet into.

Anyway the weekend passed by so quickly, as it always does. Had to work on Saturday, so spent the day in the office. I was having the sniffles, so it was quite embarressing inside the conference hall, being the only person who kept on sneezing and sniffling away.

Was supposed to meet up with Lenny who is back in town for a holiday, but I was on medications and didn't feel up to an evening of partying at the Butter Factory, so I bailed. Stayed home, watched a bit of Scrubs (my latest obsession), and slept.

Didn't do a thing on Sunday. Made egg salad and had that for lunch. Was in bed the entire day, finishing up season 3 of Scrubs. 5 more seasons to go!

I wanted to buy one of those tiny laptops so I would bring along on my upcoming trip to Bangalore, and they aren't too expensive. I think you can get one at under 800 bucks. I want something small and light (portable!) and of course cheap. Sitex is coming up but I'll be in India then.

Ah well, let's see how it goes. :)

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