Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The Different Levels of Suck

LGG and I have come up with a rating system for the different levels of suck when it comes to a break up. Break ups suck. There's no denying that. But there are varying intensities, such as:

5: This is the worst and you actually kill yourself. But for people who feel that they are experiencing a level 5 suckiness, PLEASE GET HELP BEFORE YOU KILL YOURSELF. It's not worth it lah.
4: This is where you feel like dying. You actually act out scenarios in your head about how to die, and even imagine the funeral. You just want the pain to end.
3: This is where you burst out crying at the most random moments. Listening to a song, seeing a photo, or even just eating at a restaurant where you both dined together before, can trigger the waterworks. You also cry in the shower, in bed at night, and in the office. Level 3 is the most common.
2: This is where you feel depressed and need to hole up and hide away from the world. You just want to be alone to mope and deal with it.
1: This is where you're angry and cuss a lot but hook up with someone the next day, because you've moved on already.

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