Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Random Things That Have Kept Me Sane

The past two weeks have been trying and I'm so blessed to have an amazing network of friends and family who have provided so much love and support.

While I can't remember everything that has happened, here are some things that have made me smile.

- drinking beer and singing chinese and hokkien songs at sky bar
- $14 jugs of beer at brewerks on sunday afternoon
- sunday morning walks from chestnut drive to bukit timah hill and back
- 15 tequila shot challenge
- comedy club at blu jaz and meeting someone who has an imdb page
- free magic show by imdb guy just to cheer me up
- heckling lgg to make out with imdb guy (cos he has an imdb page!)
- getting a call from cheryl in shanghai after she received email proof that lgg did indeed make out with imdb guy


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