Thursday, April 28, 2011


Ah nothing works better to cheer me up than to plan for my next holiday or two. I don't know why there is this compulsion to get out of the country and explore new lands.

The original plan to go to India for three weeks is obviously off, even though the pothead recently emailed to ask if the trip to Ladakh was still on. I could, I guess, but I don't think I can go to India without doing something stupid. Maybe next time.

So now, the new destination is Shanghai. Cheryl is there and coincidentally so will my sister, and since I'm a slut for free accomodation, I might as well just brush up on my chinese and book my tickets. Dui bu dui?

Might also go to Laos, just because. Don't know when though, maybe for a couple of days in end May. Let's see if we plan anything.

Africa is not happening, at least not the climb to Kilimanjaro. Don't want to die. We might just go anyway, one day, to see the safari. Wildebeest migration and what not. Mmmm.

Ok time to get off the bus.

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