Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Zombie, Zombie, Zombie-ee-ee-ee-ee!!

Day 2.

Ha, it's funny how I didn't even write much about my divorce but here I am, chronicling the most mundane things about my break up with the grasshopper.

The plan now is to keep busy. Everyone knows that, and apparently a Bona-watch has been set up, with my friends taking shifts to drink with me. Lol, good luck Liver. I'm super thankful that I have the most amazing support system, and that the people around me are mature and empathatic and not only understand what I am going through, but can also give very good advice.

Was out last night with cousin.e and LGG after Muay Thai and had drinks at the nearby Irish pub. Ugh, I've become such an uncle and now drink Guniness stout. Chatted, cried, bitched, complained, got counseled. We left at 2am, and by the time I got home and was settled in bed, it was 3ish. By the time I was close to dozing off, it was way past 4am.

And now I'm in zombie mode. My reactions are slower, my thoughts are dulled. And it suits me fine for now as it makes the aching and the pain less pronounce.

It also helps that I have deleted him from everything. Deleted his phone number (so no drunken calls or SMSes), deleted him and all pictures from Facebook (so I don't get reminded of how happy we used to be), deleted all his emails (same thing, don't want to read past conversations where we talked about the future). Out of sight, out of mind.

This sucks. And I know I'm being whiney. But I guess I'm entitled.

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