Monday, September 26, 2011

Eeks! Too Much Negativity

Ok, I'm going to counter my last few negative-y sounding posts with a positive post about dinner on Saturday.

Anyway, I posted on FB that I was going to be in Jakarta for the week, and Anthea pinged me to say that she was going to be in Jakarta too, and wanted to check if I had time to meet up. I had 2 presentations on Saturday, but was free in the evening, so made plans to have dinner with her.

After finally deciding on a meeting place, we had a lovely catch up over a healthy fruit salad (fruits + granola + yogurt = brilliance) and pasta. It's been ages since I last met her, and we had plenty to talk about. She updated me on her trip to Italy (I wanna go too!!!), I updated her on what happened the last time I was in India (OMG), and basically got each other up to speed.

Did a spot of grocery shopping where I bought some pomelo (OMG so good) and mango (meh), a pack of seaweed to munch on, and some hot chocolate (which came in very handy when I was too sick to go out for a meal). Already, all the fruits are gone (have I mentioned how good the pomelos were?) and I'm down to my last couple of packs of seaweed. I need to stock up. Heh.

Anyway, one more week in Jakarta and then back home for a couple of days before setting off for Surabaya again. First work trip with NewBoss too (need to think of a nickname). Let's see how it goes.

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