Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Grandmasters, We Are

After 2 weeks of basic photography classes, LGG, HY and I have decided that 1) we will hold our photography exhibition next year 2) we'll eventually be Grandmasters so might as well own the title now.

So LGG is now Grandmaster Realism, HY is now Grandmaster Landscape, and I am Grandmaster Macro. Just like how there are different Iron Chefs, ya'know. Lol.

Of course, first we actually need to buy our cameras. Haha.

And that's what GMR and I have been obsessing about these days. With our new-found knowledge, we now understand what those pesky little numbers mean whenever people start talking about cameras and lenses.

F stops, focal length, shutter speed, depth of field, exposure, metering.. The phrases roll off our tongues now. (Usually in a question like, "What f stop and shutter speed should we use ah?" But at least it's photography-speak!)

We've been doing our research, and will probably buy second-hand DSLRs for the time being. It's exciting though, exploring all the possibilities that await us. We're gonna take the photography world by storm!

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