Sunday, September 11, 2011

Wanted: New BFF

Cooks well and enjoys cooking alone in the kitchen while LGG and I watch TV.
Likes watching random reality TV shows.
Likes eating vegetables.
Enjoys traveling and is not a fussy traveller. Able to pay for own expenses. Loves the mountains.
Loves Zoolander and can quote verbatim while watching repeatedly with LGG and I.
Does not require the company of BFFs when shopping.
Able to withstand non-stop caffeine-laden conversations and still love LGG and I after.
Ability to hold multi-party whatsapp and MSN conversations an advantage.
Ability to booze not essential, but must be willing to learn. Access to free booze, a distinct advantage.
Access to the igloo hotel

Apply only if you know what we are talking about. Please submit photos of self on holiday, plus an updated CV on friends and hobbies.

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