Thursday, September 1, 2011

More Bo Liao Conversations

Was chatting with babycakes today and somehow decided to start comparing medications. We both fell sick after the Malacca weekend, each happily blaming each other for falling ill.

"You lah! You sneezed on Friday night!"
"No but I only sneezed once! Your nose was dripping the whole day on Saturday! And you started coughing too!"
"But if you didn't sneeze, I wouldn't have caught anything from you!"
"Eh you ate two bowls of laksa in a day!"

Lol. So today we whipped out our plastic bags full of different pills, and had this exchange:

"Paracetamol for fever?"
"I also have."
"Hmm this one is to open up the airways."
"Mine is for sorethroat."
"Oh I don't have. What about antibiotics? Mine is xyz (I forget now)."
"Have, but mine is abc (another kind),"
"Ooh this one is to stop running nose. It makes you drowsy."
"Yup, but mine is different colour."
"Wah yours looks nicer. And my last one is cough syrup."
"Oh my last one is lozenges. No cough syrup."

Super bo liao. And of course it only just occurs to me now that blogging about this bo liao conversation is even more bo liao. So I think I shall end. Heh.

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