Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Was just reading a private blog entry from September 2009. This was during a time when my frequent trips to India seemed to be a mirror of what had happened recently to LGG. The whirlwind intensity of it all. Even the stuff we said and did. It was quite uncanny.

"... I refuse to believe that it will end the same way. I refuse to believe that he will be a callous bastard who wants me there at his convenience, unwittingly breaking my heart when he refuses to commit."

Wah. I guess I was wrong. Was too optimistic back then.

Anyway, it's so interesting to read my old blog entries (and I have *so* many blogs?!). So many things that I don't remember anymore. Amazing how the brain conveniently forgets things and how the written word is like a time capsule- capturing the thoughts and feelings of that specific time.


dreamnightgale said...

cool! check out my blog if you can! i really like your post. :D


bunnygoeszen said...

Hi there! Thanks for commenting :) I'll pop on over to your blog and have a look.