Thursday, September 8, 2011

A Judge Of Character

Was IMing with Z today who was telling me about this girl he had gotten engaged to. He showed me her facebook profile page, and based on her pictures and some comments she left on his pages, I "summarised" what I thought about her.

Mind you, I've never met this girl and I've never met Z in person before either. Although we have known each other since 2008 or 2009, all of our communications have been purely online. We do chat quite a fair bit though, and have the occasional long conversation about life and love.

Anyway, I said she looked like a nice and sweet girl, but seemed prone to having inreasonable tantrums that came as and when, depending on her mood. And I said he was probably really patient with her, and was probably able to reason things out with her, so it works out well for them. And I think he was surprised at how I managed to accurately deduce all that, just based on a couple of pictures.

Hmm, I guess I've always been able to quite accurately tell what kind of person one is by looking at their pictures. Perhaps it's being able to read certain facial expressions or body language? I don't know.

Interestingly, I saw a recently uploaded picture of someone this afternoon and commented to LGG that I didn't think this particular guy was good looking anymore. In fact, after my chat with Z, I relooked at that picture, and realised that not only did he cease to be good looking, there was also a slight touch of deceit or untrustworthiness there.

Anyways. Maybe I'm just psychic. Lol.

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