Sunday, September 6, 2009

In Jakarta

One day in Jakarta and it feels like I've been here for the longest time. Arrived last night, checked in to the hotel, had a meal at the restaurant downstairs and stayed up to complete a powerpoint presentation for today.

Headed down to the education fair which was quite interesting. Lots of performances by the students from the school, and then got a chance to finally meet our agents here. Had lunch and ate quite a bit- had fried chicken, fried fish, fried tempeh, sayur assam soup and orange kelapa to wash it all down. Not forgetting the kecap manis *slurp*.

Got back to the hotel, checked out the facilities, discovered the spa, booked a massage for ourselves this evening. Had a coffee at the lounge, lazed around and then headed for another meeting with one of our agents. Then went for dinner and had grilled seafood, gado gado and chendol. *burp*

Had a beer with my colleagues at the hotel pub and then went back to the room, checked my emails and then went for my massage. Was assigned a male masseuse, but requested for a female one. Fell asleep during the massage, and was woken up to turn around. Fell asleep again, and was woken up when the massage was done. Got up to take a shower and actually fell asleep with the water pounding down my back. Lol.

Am back in my room, checking my emails and getting ready for bed. Jakarta has been fun so far. I bet it was the massage that made me change my mind about the place. Yay!

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