Monday, September 28, 2009

Sleepless In Singapore

Almost 4am and I'm still wide awake. Dammit I shouldn't have had that latte earlier in the afternoon. 11 hours later and the caffeine is still coursing through my veins.

Had a nice chat with Carol this afternoon, hanging out at the Green Room. It's my new favourite place to go over the weekends. Haha, not that I had any favourite place to go before.

After that I met up with Ching, and we wanted to catch Inglorious Basterds, but the screening time was too late. (I should have just gone anyways, seeing how I'm still up. Haha.)

Anyway, spent the last 6 hours tossing and turning in bed. Wow. Was in bed at 10ish and still haven't managed to fall asleep. So much for counting sheep. Gonna be a zombie tomorrow.

According to my horoscope, I have to be emotionally distant from my work. So that's what I'll aim to do tomorrow. Having a neutral perspective is apparently supposed to help me achieve greater things. Let's see about that.

Reconnected (sort of) with a friend I sort of lost touch with a couple of months back. Sure, it was just a couple of messages exchanged, mostly about me whining about something, but it's good to be back in touch. Subject discussed was a little odd, but oh well, it's all good.

Need to focus on more positive thoughts.

Need to stop ranting and sleep.

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