Monday, March 23, 2009

My Bunny Moment

I was sitting in the office, all alone, finishing up the report that I needed to prepare for tomorrow. I was literally freezing my tits off because I was probably the only person on the entire floor and the central air conditioning was nonadjustable. My fingers were frozen, and typing on my keyboard was slowly beginning to hurt more and more. I trudged on, determined to finish my report and when I was finally done, I pushed myself away from the desk and stood up.

Rolling my chair back into place, I looked down and the soft material that my hands were on and realised that all that suffering in the cold could have been totally avoided. Draped across the back of my chair was a hoodie which would probably have kept me nice and toasty, and a pretty shawl.

... "Hi! My name is Bunny! B-U-N.... Hi! My name is Bunny!"

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