Thursday, March 19, 2009


This has been bugging me a little more than usual this past week or so, I wonder why. Sometimes I 'question' why I made the decision to continue practising Islam, instead of reverting back to my old ways of boozing and eating everything that catches my fancy (bak kut teh ah,
xiao long pao ah, char siew ah).

Of course, I know my struggle stems from knowing and enjoying my past lifestyle, and discipline has never been one of my fortes. However, ever so often a little voice whispers in ear and encourages me to just take that sip and enjoy the moment. Damn you, Satan! Oh hang on,
you're already damned. Lol.

I thought it'd get easier adjusting to a new lifestyle as time passes, and it does to some extent. But sometimes, just sometimes, you hanker for the good old days.

Need to stop thinking about it!

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