Monday, March 2, 2009

Bimbo Post Alert!

I'm in a very good mood, been grinning all morning. The Boss has been wondering why I'm so chipper, considering the raging homicidal state that I was constantly in last week. MSN nicknames were dark and angry and my tone was curt and snappish when spoken to. I was constantly pouting and sulking and stomping around the office.

The difference between last week and this? (Even though I draw nearer to my event date.)

1. I slept a lot over the weekend. Sure, I wasn't feeling well and I suspect I had a fever but I popped a tonne of panadol and slept the weekend away.
2. I managed to read most of my book and am at the point where I want to know WHY DID YOU KILL HER?!?!?!! Love it when you get drawn to a story.
3. It's only 3pm and already I've had almost 1.5l of water. Feeling happily hydrated. Think I didn't drink enough water over the weekend (you can't drink when you're sleeping).
4. My hair looks SO SO SO SO nice today. This is the main reason I'm feeling sunshine-y and happy and that all is well with the world. Lol. My hair is smooth and glossy and falling into place perfectly. I look good!

Ok, so there you go. A bimbo post. Haven't had one in a while. (Or have I?)

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