Thursday, March 12, 2009

Looking Good

Oh I have to add this. So, I took the day off to go for my court appointment, but since it was supposed to be in the afternoon, I decided to follow my mom to the Chinese doctor while she went to get her acupuncture treatment. We made our way there in the morning to get her queue number, then had breakfast together.

Mmm hotcakes. We had a really nice chat, sitting in the middle of an almost empty MacDonald's outlet and just catching up and talking about everything and anything. I really missed the days when I wasn't working and we'd go for our daily walks and sing songs on the karaoke in the day. Hehehe.

Anyway, we went to the salon to get a shampoo (the stuff people do when they aren't working!) and I decided to get a trim since I was there. A nice head massage, shampoo, trim and blow dry later, and my hair was looking BEAUTIFUL and was all bouncy and shiny and every strand was just falling into place perfectly. *flick hair* Heehee.

Had a quick lunch with my mom before making my way to my appointment, and I even bothered to put on some make up. Hahaha. Didn't dress up too much though, wasn't *that* eager to impress.

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