Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Sweetest Thing

I feel so loved. I'm down with a flu and it was really bad yesterday. I kept sneezing and sniffling and having a runny nose and watery eyes and my body ached all over. I went to the doctor who said I was having a full-blown flu and told me to go back home to rest but I had some work that really needed to get done, so I had no choice but to just glug whatever medicine he gave me and bear with it till everything was complete.

Came in to the office today and was feeling slightly better (all drugged up!) and had a really pleasant surprise after lunch. I was on duty during lunch, so I ate in while my colleagues went out. When they came back, they actually went to buy a jar of citron honey for me! Another colleague came back with some fruits, and told me that I needed the vitamin C to get well.


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