Sunday, August 23, 2009

Bunny the Tourist

Had dinner with Raj, the guy I met on the plane, at Little India last night. I was telling him about my chaat-hunt and he kindly offered to bring me around Little India to satisfy my craving for Indian food.

Met up at Mustafa. He was a tad late as he went to some temple to pray first, so I roamed the aisles at Mustafa and was so tempted to buy Cussons Imperial Leather soap when I saw it. I still remember the ad where they carved little people out of the bars of soap, and the Cussons soap people always lasted longer under the shower. Lol.

Didn't get it because the queue at the cashier was too long so I just walked around until he finally arrived.

Went to one of the restaurants across the road and got a pani poori and bhel chaat. Meh, I wasn't impressed. The chaat I had in India was definitely waay better. We then went to this south Indian restaurant after and shared a mutton soup, briyani, fish tikka and Kingfisher
beer. This meal was yum. Heehee.

Was walking around and just chatting when suddenly he says I look like a smoker. Do I? Hmm. So I told him the first time I inhaled *any* form of smoke was at this shisha joint in Calcutta. And the next thing I knew, we were hopping into a cab on our way to Arab Street.

Found a place that had shisha and we ordered one, as well as a coke each. Spent the rest of the evening chatting about work, living in Singapore, how (un)friendly people are here, relationships and lots of other random stuff.

Headed back at about midnight.

Was supposed to go for the tree top walk at MacRitchie today but plans got cancelled so I'm still in bed. It rained last night and it was so wonderful to just snuggle up in bed under the sheets. Reminds me of the weather in Bangalore. Lol.

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