Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Week That Passed

Been rather lazy to update much these couple of days. So to summarise:

- Was still in Bangalore on Monday. Didn't do much, we just stayed in, chilled and hung out. Made our way to the airport in the evening and I got back to Singapore at about 6am on Tuesday. Had some breakfast and then went to the office to shower and change. Thankfully I managed to get an entire row to myself, so I could lie down and sleep during the flight.

- Finally got to see baby Nadia on Tuesday evening! I was on my way to meet Ching and 222 and ran into Eunice and Faisal on the train station. Eunice's dad was waiting for them with baby Nadia in tow, and I have to say she's such a darling! Made my biological clock tick a little faster as I played with her. Lol.

- Had dinner with Ching and 222 at Buangkok and had salted egg crabs. Yum. Also had tom yum soup and vegetables. Had a nice catch up and we have decided that the holiday after next June's Tibetan jaunt will be in Jordan! Haha. Got to get out of the Himalayan region lah.

- Went to see Sanjay to get a prescription and left his clinic with what I needed, plus a vaccination against cervical cancer and a blood test to see whether I'll need further vaccinations again Hepatitis. Lol. Had lunch after and chatted about the different patients that he
gets, which was quite amusing.

- Attended a talk on personality and weight management with Angel yesterday during lunch. Apparently I'm a direct-emotional person, and some of the characteristics include being spontaneous and motivated by fun. Direct-emotional (influencing) people hate routine. How true!

- Met my sister for dinner and went to Holiday Inn Park View to check out the place. Didn't manage to see much as there were major renovations going on, but the service from all the staff was fabulous. Ended up eating at one of the restaurants there, and enjoyed a
one-for-one buffet! Woot!


Has it only been 2 full days since I got back? Lol. I feel like going somewhere, anywhere, again.

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