Thursday, August 6, 2009

The Night I Punched My Oldest Friend In The Face

Oh hang on, Alfred isn't the oldest friend I have. That's probably Ki. But nevermind. Oldest MALE friend (cos you know, why would I want to punch Ki?).

Met up with Alfred after work for dinner. I forced him to celebrate getting a new job and chunky pay increase (free dinner!) so we went to that Japanese cafe place at Bugis and had something to eat. Had a nice chat and catch up- the evening was starting out well and fine.

Was not sure where to go after, so he asked me if I've ever been to this place called Howl at the Moon. Actually I'm not sure if he was suggesting we go there, or if he was just making conversation, but somehow or another I told him that we should just go there.

Had a couple of drinks (ok more than a couple, maybe 5?) and the night started innocently enough. The music was good, and I was enjoying myself. I'd attempt to describe how the place is like, but am feeling lazy (plus I'm late for work, again) so go do a search for it. Anyway at one point they ask for someone to go up on stage and Alfred points to me, saying that it's my first time and I get hauled up.

I spin some Wheel of Mayhem or dunnowatsitcalled and eventually I have to drink a shot. The audience is asked what they want to put inside and soon shouts of Jager! Vodka! Tobasco Sauce! Baileys! Whiskey! were being heard. Instead of a shot glass, the guy comes back with a FULL glass of what looked and smelled like vomit and then after singing a little ditty I was made to down the whole thing.

Woah, potent stuff. I walked back to my table and somehow thought that punching Alfred was a good idea. I was aiming for his chest, but alchohol and hand-eye-coordination don't quite go hand in hand. Lol. Missed and punched his face.


Anyway, had some water, finished up my drinks and then he sent me back. I was sloshed. I don't know what the heck was inside that thing, but all the drunken SMS-es that I found in my phone were all full of typo errors. (My drunken SMSes are usually spelled properly, they just don't make any sense. Or are declarations of love and eternal friendship.)

Well, that's the night I punched my oldest friend in the face. 14 years of friendship and he gets a knuckle sandwich from me. Lol.

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