Thursday, August 20, 2009

My Itch Has Been Scratched.. For Now

Was feeling rather restless yesterday, and was trying to confirm details on an upcoming trip. However, my partner-in-crime wasn't able to commit to any travel dates till the end of the month, so I was stuck looking at airline websites but unable to do a thing.

Got to work this morning, logged on, and got a message from Carol. "$8 tickets to Phuket!" She had me at hello. Lol. We decided on the spot and made the booking. Woot!

I'm in SUCH a good mood now, it's ridiculous. Here are my tentative travel plans for the next 12 months:

Jakarta - Sept 2009 (work trip)
Medan - Sept 2009 (work trip - maybe)
Cebu - Oct 2009 (WIP - read above)
Ho Chi Minh City - Nov 2009 (work trip - maybe)
Chiangmai - Dec 2009 (charity walk)
Goa - Dec 2009 (maybe)
Phuket - Jan 2010 (YEAH!!!)
Bali - Mar 2010 (YEAH!!!)
Xi'an and Tibet - June 2010 (WIP)
New York - Sept 2010 (maybe)


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