Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Gotta Love My Ex-Boss

Ahh how sweet. Even though he is in New York now, my ex-boss is still looking out for me. Sort of. Here's an email exchange between my ex-boss and one of our agents in Jakarta.


Ex-Boss: eh S, Bona is one fun girl and she gg up with another chick called M. Take them out and have a good time ok? Like we always do ok!

Agent: hi hi.. no worries, man! We'll have fun in Jkt so Bona will come here more often =)

Me: Don't worry, S. I'm sure we'll have lots of fun! :) Ex-boss has been telling me lots about Jkt, am looking forward to it hehehe

Great! Looking forward to meet you =)

Ex-boss: just bring her to get drunk can already cos Bona is an alcoholic. The other girl M dun get to travel much cos she works for C and you know hoe C is so must make this trip worthwhile for her ok!


He knows me so well. Lol!

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