Friday, August 14, 2009

What Worm?

It's 5am. Was woken up this morning to the sounds of my mother
pottering about the house. Plus, I think my body just woke up
automatically, since my brain probably figured I'd need some time to
pack my stuff this morning.


I love budget airlines and how they've managed to change how people
travel. Air ticket prices can sometimes be so ridiculously low, it's
hard to resist. (How does one say no to SGD110 tickets to Bali?)

Was chatting with LGG about this and we realised our generation of
Planet Zorkians were really badly bitten by the travel bug.

It wasn't unusual for people to declare impromptu holidays, and
everyone just had this yearning to get out and see the world. We'd
come back and share our stories, which only served to momentarily
scratch the itch before wanderlust struck and we had to plan our next

To most of us, working was just a means to pay the bills and life is
just one long holiday.

Anyway, one more day before the weekend! :)

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