Sunday, May 1, 2011

Afternoon Dreams

Had the oddest dream during my afternoon nap today. It was especially weird cos I told LGG about it, went back to sleep, and the dream continued!!!

As dreams normally go, this one didn't make any sense at all. But the main gist of it was that I was fighting (a fighter?) but spent most of my time looking for my team and drinking the opponents' orange juice. Very confusing.

ETA: My dream actually continued the following night. This time, I had found my team mates and we were staying in a hostel in Russia. We took the bus out the following morning, not knowing that we were supposed to have packed up, so had to plead with the bus driver (who was Russian) to drive us back to the hostel so we could pick up our stuff.

Since the hostel was old and dilapidated, I was coughing really badly and hacked out giant balls of neon green phlegm. Gross.

Woke up with my throat slightly inflamed. Interestingly, I get these recurring hacking-giant-balls-of-phlegm/hacking-out-my-tongue type dreams when I have a sore throat.

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