Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Everything Will Be OK

Was having dinner with my sister at Prego's this evening. I think we were talking about love and relationships, and suddenly, my eyes started tearing. Before I knew it, my head was buried in the (tomato sauce stained) napkin and I couldn't stop crying.

My sister quickly called for the bill (thankfully we were done with our meal) and the girl who came over noticed that I was sobbing. And I guess I must have looked quite pathetic because she was asking me not to cry and hurriedly came over with a complimentary piece of tiramisu.

How sweet!

Although it took me a while to calm down again, I was touched at such a simple and thoughtful gesture. As we were leaving the restaurant, I looked out for her, and she came over with a big smile and told me, "Don't cry ma'am. Everything will be OK."

Thank you, Ariane.

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