Sunday, May 1, 2011

Don't Be So Emo, Can?

Caaaaan. Lol. That last post about my life sucking was a drunken one which I don't even remember blogging. Apparently I've evolved to drunken blogging, at least there are no typos hehe.

My life doesn't suck. Far from it. There are too many awesome people in my life that make me laugh and smile and who love me so much. One less grasshopper is not that big a loss.

BentoSet chided me for still thinking about him, and said I should not want to be with someone who doesn't want to be with you. True dat. So got to be zen and just cherish the good moments that we had yada yada. Yawn. But being bitter and emotional makes better blog material though. Lol.

Anyway, don't need to worry so much about me. I'm ok. I think the days of sobbing inconsolably outside No5 are over. Losing one pair of glasses is enough. Still got cry, but not so much liao. Can't help the odd tear now and then, but that takes time to heal.

Am keeping myself busy and cutting down on the boozing (really).

Anyway, let's do dinner next week. (Yes, CH this blog post was written for you. You're one of the awesome people mentioned above. *hugs*)

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