Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Time Off

Time off is a wonderful thing. It's not official leave, but it's compensation for time worked on weekends. Decided to take the day off today, mostly because I wanted to prove to Sharon and Linda that I have an awesome boss who lets me take off (mostly) whenever I want, and also because I don't really have work to do so I don't see the point of being in the office. Lol.

It's amazing how quickly time passes when you're in bed. Already it's 11.20am and I'm still in my PJs. Hehehe. I did make some pasta for brunch / early lunch, so it's not like I was totally unproductive today.

Hmm I might get my nails done. They are getting too long and it's hard to type. Plus, isn't that what girls are supposed to do in their free time?

Ah, bliss.


Jose moks said...

nice resting resipe, gonna try that

bunnygoeszen said...

Don't forget to be appropriately dressed in your PJs! :)