Friday, May 20, 2011

Planning Ahead (Since Tomorrow Is The Rapture)

Wendy T says
maybe the priest who says the rapture is coming tm
will go into hiding
Bona Lee says
yah thing is
Wendy T says
sekali 11.59pm to Sunday he is still around
Bona Lee says
if u really think something as big as end of world happening
i also wont go and announce so publicly lor
sekali wrong how
at most tell ur friends la
then if wrong ... kenna suan
Wendy T says
lol well if we disappear in JB
we will smell of durian
in heaven
Bona Lee says
ok this is the plan
if really rapture
we grab the mangosteen
i rather have mangosteen in heaven lor
Wendy T says
yeah lor
tmr i hold on to one packet
u hold on to one
Bona Lee says
more ppl will like us if we have mangosteen rather than durian
cos not so smelly .. plus taste so nice
Wendy T says
cos i dowan to smell of durian for eternity
ur so clever
Bona Lee says
Wendy T says
never say we dont plan ahead

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