Monday, May 30, 2011

It Runs In The Family, I Tell Ya

Inane conversation with my mom this morning.

me: my visa got approved.. phew!
mom: great! where will you be this time next week?
me: i dunno.. was thinking of making a trip to perth.. you want?
mom: can.. i don't need to apply for leave.. i'm very close to my boss..
me: i've heard that you sleep with him..
mom: shh don't talk so loud..


And if anyone wondered why I am SO bo liao, now you know.

Anyway, my mom has picked up the "where will you be this time next week?" from me. So cute. I've been doing that to her all week long. And her boss is my dad (in case anyone was going "OMG?!") so don't worry. No scandals.



The Beauties In Our Lives said...

Love your parents! They are SO cute!

bunnygoeszen said...

Heehee and now we have proven that bo liao-ness is genetic :D